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Geritol Follies Bursary Fund

Scholarship Value $500

Number of Scholarships 1

Geritol Follies are musical revues given by a group of energetic, talented Hamilton-area seniors who perform regularly in Canada and the United States, attracting sell-out crowds everywhere. To preserve their spirit in the community and to encourage young local talent, "Geritol Follies" members established a bursary fund using the proceeds from these shows.


Performing arts bursaries are available to talented and promising students:

A) I have need for financial assistance;

B) I am enrolled as a full-time student;

C) I have successfully completed high school requirements at a publicly-funded secondary school in the Cities of Hamilton or Burlington, Ontario;

D) I am a student of voice, drama, dance or musical instruments who has been accepted for admission to a recognized college, university or institute in Canada or the United States; (in some cases, students pursuing a career in radio, television or arts administration may also be considered.)

E) Have submitted my completed application form to the Financial Aid Office at my university/college by the required deadline.