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CHFT Diversity Scholarship

Scholarship Value $5,000

Number of Scholarships 14

CHFT founded our diversity scholarship in 2004. It has now awarded over 470 scholarships in Durham, Toronto, and York Region. We have also partnered with regional federations and CHF Canada to distribute over 130 additional scholarships in other parts of Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba.

The program is for people living in CHFT member housing co-ops. An important element of the scholarship is the strong commitment to diversity shown by the applicants in their communities. Students are awarded their scholarships largely based on their community involvement in their schools, co-op communities and in a variety of community based organizations. To date people from over 116 co-ops have won scholarships.

The Scholarships

CHFT recognizes that the strength of our membership is reflected in the many cultures and identities represented within our co-ops. CHFT encourages applications from these diverse communities.

The purpose of the CHFT Diversity Scholarship is to recognize people living in co-ops who are actively promoting diversity through work within their community. We want to help them with their post-secondary education by providing them with award money and assistance with financial planning.

You could be eligible for a scholarship if you are going to attend a publicly funded Canadian college, university or approved apprenticeship-training program. We offer scholarships for students who are just graduating from high school, or are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program or are returning to school after a break to complete an undergraduate program.

We have special scholarships that are awarded to people who have shown exceptional leadership in their school and community, or who have taken an active role in mentoring young people, or have demonstrated a commitment to social justice.

We also have the Success Becomes You scholarship. This scholarship recognizes people who are determined to succeed at the post-secondary level or in a skilled trade and who did not have the opportunity to finish their schooling due to family, financial or other circumstances.