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  • Laurie W Smith Memorial Scholarship - $3,000

    Eligibility: 1. Element of financial need 2. Entering Student â?? a full-time, first year student entering Saint Mary's University having graduated the previous year from Saint Patrickâ??s High School in... More >

  • Leo R MacDonald Memorial Scholarship - $3,000

    Academic standing (having obtained at least a 75 per cent average in the last year of high school, as calculated by the Admissions Office). Displayed leadership in student affairs. More >

  • Nicola Schwind Memorial Scholarship Endowment - $3,000

    Established and endowed through the generosity of Ruth and Hermann Schwind. Saint Mary's University is able to offer one high school entrance scholarship to a student with a disability entering... More >

  • The Coy Family Scholarship - $12,000

    Eligibility: High school graduate with a minimum 90% average (as calculated by the Admissions Office) based upon final first semester (mid-year) grade twelve results. This scholarship can be renewed three... More >

  • The Goman Memorial Equestrian Scholarship - $450

    Awarded annually to a full-time undergraduate student at Saint Mary's University who is actively involved in an equestrian program (preference will be given to students entering their first year of... More >

  • The Sobeys Leadership Award - $8,000

    Eligibility: 12 awards will be distributed in each year (3 entrance awards, 3 second year awards, 3 third year awards and 3 fourth year awards). Awarded annually to full-time, undergraduate... More >

  • The Sobeys Scholar Award - $15,000

    Eligibility: Awarded to a graduating high school student(s) from Canada (student must have a permanent family address in Canada) who is enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in the Sobey... More >

  • Ruby Smallman and Rossie Pierce Awards - $300

    Awarded to two students entering the Adult Connections in Education (ACE) program full-time, based on a demonstrated financial need. These awards are named for Ruby Smallman and Rossie Pierce, founders... More >

  • Audrey J. Tinney Nursing Scholarship - $1,000

    Awarded to a student entering full-time studies (5 courses/15 semester-hours per semester) in the Nursing program at UPEI. More >

  • Claude & Dr. Bernice Bell Award - $4,000

    Awarded to a full-time student(s) enrolled in the Music program. The recipient(s) of the award shall have exceptional musical ability and/or potential. The successful candidate will receive the award annually... More >

  • Dorothy Corrigan Entrance Bursary - $2,500

    Awarded to two students entering full-time study (five courses per semester) at UPEI for the first time, and who have a demonstrated financial need. More >

  • Dr. Julian Jaynes Memorial Entrance Scholarships - $1,000

    Awarded to first-year students who intend to major in Psychology. More >

  • Eleanor Reesor Wheler Music Scholarship - $3,000

    Awarded to a first-year piano, string, or flute Major upon entrance into the Bachelor of Music program. The recipient will demonstrate a high standard of performance and the potential for... More >

  • Eugenie Ann Pineau Memorial Awards - $400

    Awarded to two students entering the Transition Program at UPEI. More >

  • Evelyn M. Cudmore Memorial Scholarship - $1,000

    Awarded to a full-time UPEI student majoring in Child and Family Studies based on demonstrated volunteer leadership and experience in the following areas: Red Cross or other water safety programs... More >

  • Frank and Dorothy Lewis Entrance Scholarship - $1,000

    Awarded to a first-year student who is involved in community work. More >

  • Frederick M. Davison Award for Excellence - $5,000

    Awarded to the student entering UPEI who, in the judgement of the Scholarship and Awards Committee, best reflects the following criteria: will have achieved well academically, though not necessarily the... More >

  • Garden Home Scholarship in Nursing - $5,000

    Awarded to a student entering first year of the UPEI Nursing program who demonstrates leadership qualities and an interest in gerontology. More >

  • Harrison McCain Scholarships - $4,000

    Awarded to students based on financial need and academics. More >

  • Inspiring Excellence Awards - $1,000

    Awarded to all students entering UPEI from high school who have a cumulative average of 85% based on the five courses used for admission to UPEI. Automatically selected based on... More >