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Electronics Technician

The objective of this occupational analysis is to identify and analyze the tasks performed by Electronics Technicians - Consumer Products (ETCP). In this analysis, consumer products means any type of consumer electronic equipment and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes:

1. audio equipment, components and devices
2. video equipment, components and devices
3. telephone answering equipment, components and devices
4. computer equipment, components and devices
5. microwave equipment, components, devices and appliances
6. remote control equipment, components and devices
7. power supply equipment, components and devices
8. antenna systems

The practice of the trade consists of the servicing of electronic products.

When practising or otherwise carrying out work in the trade, the following tasks, activities and functions come within the trade:

1. Interacting with customers and other workers

2. Using hand tools, hand power tools, testing equipment and specialty tools required by the trade

3. Applying electronic theory to electronic products

4. Terminating and connecting conductors and printed circuit boards contained within electronic products

5. Maintaining electronic products

6. Troubleshooting and diagnosing problems in electronic products

7. Servicing and repairing electronic products

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