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Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

About The Nicola Valley Institute of Technology
The Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) is BC's Aboriginal public post-secondary institute. NVIT was formed as a private institute in 1983 by the founding bands of Coldwater, Nooaitch, Shackan, Upper Nicola and Lower Nicola Bands. Working from a basement in the downtown core of Merritt, three instructors taught thirteen students the basics of what is now our Natural Resource Technology program. The program was taught in an environment that promoted traditional ways and fostered student success, a vision that sticks with NVIT today.

NVIT is unique in the post-secondary system because we have distinctive qualities. The distinctive qualities that NVIT continues to work toward and preserve are as follows:

1. It is a First Nation governed public post-secondary institution;
2. Educational programs and services are reflective of Aboriginal perspectives, values and beliefs;
3. Elders are on campus to guide and support staff and students;
4. The majority of its staff is Aboriginal;
5. It has knowledge and expertise relative to Aboriginal issues, local, national, and international, historic and contemporary;
6. It offers a learning and work environment that allows for the free expression and practice of Aboriginal values and ways; and
7. It has the ability to deliver programs in communities.

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