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The University of Guelph
The University of Guelph

About The University of Guelph
The University of Guelph is a medium-sized university located in Guelph, Ontario, established in 1964. While the University of Guelph offers degrees in many different disciplines, the university is best known for its focus on life sciences, based in part on a long-standing history of achievement in Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine and within Canada for its School of Fine Art and Music.

The University of Guelph has over 90 majors in 13 degree programs and 63 Open Learning/Distance Education Opportunities. An annual feature of the university is its open house, known as College Royal. For a weekend each March, every part of the campus and its programs is exhibited to the public, from the barns of the Agricultural College to the sugar bush in the arboretum. It is highly popular with visitors of all ages, especially families with children who take advantage of the March break to have an outing.

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