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The University of Sudbury
The University of Sudbury

About the University of Sudbury
Founded as Coll�¨ge du Sacr�©-Coeur in 1913, it was the first, and for many years the only, institution of higher learning in Northern Ontario. In 1957, it changed its name and began to exercise its full teaching and degree-granting powers. It entered into the Laurentian federation as a founding member in 1960.

The University of Sudbury is an undergraduate liberal arts university in the Catholic tradition committed to bilingualism and the heritage of Canada's First Nations. Important research areas philosophy, native studies, religious studies, folklore and communication. The University of Sudbury has a 173-student residence and provides privacy and quiet as well as the opportunity to develop lasting friendships. There is a university chaplain to support students of the Catholic faith and tradition and a Native elder to address needs of Native Students.

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