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Master's College and Seminary
Master's College and Seminary

About Master's College and Seminary
Master�s College and Seminary is a Pentecostal Christian institution of higher education in Toronto that consists of a bible college, a seminary, discipleship programs offered through the Master�s Commission of Eastern Canada, and distance education offerings in eastern Canada. Master�s College and Seminary was launched in 1996. It has a partnership agreement with Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto which enables the Master's College and Seminary to offer graduate courses that are accredited through Tyndale. An Act respecting Master�s College and Seminary (formerly Eastern Pentecostal Bible College)was assented to June 29, 2001.

Master�s College and Seminary delivers the kind of leadership necessary to impact the current and future world. If you are looking to establish a foundation of faith, learn a life of service and commitment and make yourself available to God, there is no better place than Master�s for you to learn, grow and be equipped for life and ministry.

We are delighted that you are considering Master�s. Whether it is the one-year program or the diploma or degree program, choosing to become a Master�s student will help you to find the fulfillment of God�s plan and purpose for your life. From student relationships, classroom learning, spiritual and ministry formation, mentoring, internship, leadership development and spiritual and intellectual encounters with God, Master�s is a place where students love to learn, learn to love and find ways to follow God for life.

As you think and pray about the next step in your life, our prayer is for God�s best for you. Our college calendar and catalogue (see the links under Registrar's Office), as well as the other resources on our website, will give you further insight into what Master�s has to offer. We would be delighted to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us.

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