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Newman Theological College
Newman Theological College

About Newman Theological College
Newman Theological College was founded in 1969 by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton, Alberta. The College is a private, Roman Catholic academic institution dedicated to the study of theology and related disciplines. The College offers graduate-level programs and classes in theology and religious education during the day, in the evening and via the internet. The College is an accredited member of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. To learn more about our namesake, John Henry Cardinal Newman, please click here.

Theology is situated within the broader evangelizing teaching-educating mission of the Church that comes from Christ himself. As is seen in the formation of the books of the New Testament, the special ministry of theology has been operative in the Church from Apostolic times. Theology is primarily a faith-filled intellectual, systematic, sustained, comprehensive and critical pursuit that probes and clarifies the meaning of Christian life in the light of the Revelation of God. It seeks to understand and integrate in lived Christian reality the inexhaustible gift of God�s Truth and Love in Jesus Christ and the impact of this gift on every facet of Christian life: contemplative, apologetic, pastoral, spiritual, liturgical, inter-disciplinary, social and aesthetic. At NTC, we attempt to grasp a right understanding of the main issues of belief and behavior in response both to the needs, problems, questions and challenges of the contemporary world and to the joy-filled urgency of the proclamation of the Word of God.

Christian theology at NTC is grounded in the divine-human drama which unfolds historically in Israel, Christ, and the Church. As a result, at NTC we study the special documentary witness to this history in Scripture and Tradition with the methodology and perspective embraced by the mind of the Church and required by all the historical documents.

The goal of theological education at Newman is the capacity for Christian service and leadership in the contemporary Church and world.Theological reflection on ministry is a part of every professional degree.

Spiritual formation and growth is integral to the preparation of men and women for service and leadership in the Church. Lay spiritual formation at Newman Theological College draws from scripture and the many spiritualities in Christian tradition. It facilitates growth in discipleship and in living gospel values, recognizing the interrelatedness in life of theological education, human maturing, and the universal call to holiness. We invite students to discover and develop a deeper relationship with the God of Jesus Christ, and to find the workings of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.

A welcoming, personable and worshipping community is important to theological studies at Newman. We seek to incorporate in our communal life what is taught and learned. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to participate in worship as well as community and social events. The learning goals of students at Newman are varied. Some students prepare for the ordained ministry; others for lay ministry; still others attend Newman for personal faith enrichment and theological renewal. All men and women who have the necessary prerequisites for the various programs are welcome. Various teaching methodologies are used to respond better to the needs and learning styles of the adults enrolled at Newman.

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